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Historian publication  - Examples of recent editions of the Brooking Family Historian are shown here in picture form. This booklet is produced for our society members and contains much information about the society, the Brooking and related families.
The Historian publication booklet documents  the history of the families through stories, diaries and anecdotes, and is published 3 times per year. The information given in these publications produced and sent out to every member family is at the heart of the society efforts.

Many of the early publications are available on digital media and are available to all subscribing members (Available to access in the members only area)

A range of booklet publications and Historian binders are offered for sale
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12 November 2020

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All Brooking Society members enjoy access to the FEDERATION OF FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETIES.

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Members historical census data restored.
Please go to Chart & Library in members only area.

The Society has conducted several detailed DNA studies over the years.
Please check out our information on the Brooking family DNA studies.

Contact form for lost Brooking wills now available.
Please go to Contacts page and follow the links.

John H Brooking’s “The Chant of Liberty” now available.
Please go to Information/notable Brookings and follow link.