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13 October 2021

Brooking, Patrick (1937-2014) Major-General, MBE, service in Germany and Northern Ireland. British commandant in Berlin for 3 years in the 1980s. Bass singer in the Berlin Philharmonic Choir.

Brooking, Thomas W H (1949-) New Zealand historian and author of many books on New Zealand history.

Brooking, John H (1836-1867) A Canadian who composed a CHANT OF LIBERTY.
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Brooking, Robert (1813-1893) Missionary in Africa and Canada.

Brooking, Samuel (1753-1834) Rear-Admiral in the Royal Navy.

Brooking, Patrick Beresford (1897-1964) Admiral in the Royal Navy.

Brooking, Samuel (1805-1873) A Doctor. He introduced Homeopathy to India.

Brooking, Harry Triscott (1864-1944) Major-General in the British Army

Brooking, Charles (1723?-1759), British marine painter, regarded by many to be the best. His paintings are found in the National Maritime Museum, Tate Gallery and in private collections. See biography and list of paintings in Charles Brooking, Woodbridge 2000, by David Joel.

Brooking, Charles (c1675-1738). Father of Charles, the marine painter. Produced the first modern map of Dublin, painted the Eddystone lighthouse, and decorated a church in Cornwall. An artist in his own right.

Brooking, Charles (1953-). Collector of architectural artefacts and an expert on old houses.
See for further information on Charles and the museum.

Brookings, Robert Somers (1850-1932). American businessman and philan-thropist. Head of Washington University in St Louis 1895-1928 where the main building is named Brookings Hall. Also started and financed The Brookings Institution in Washington DC.

Bridge, Ann (Mary Dolling Sanders)(1889-1974). Novelist. Her grandmother was Mary Brooking. First book Peking Picknick 1932 followed by about 25 more books. Married to a diplomat and kept her real identity secret. Still read by many and regarded as a very good romantic fiction writer.

Hamilton-Paterson, James Donald (1941-). Travel writer, memoirist, poet and novelist. Whitbread Book of the Year Award in 1989. Grandmother Ysabel Anita Brooking. Lives in Tuscany and the Phillipines. Known as a literary loner.

Brooking, Nessie Chilcote (Nesta) (1906-2006). Ballet dancer, choreographer and the owner of the Brooking School which also taught other subjects. Trained many successful dancers including Monica Mason. Regarded as a tough task master. Was still active in her 90s.

Brookins, Walter (1889-1953). American early aviator with many records: highest, longest, tightest, first night-flight, mail etc. Friend of the Wright brothers and their chief exhibition pilot 1910-12. Retired in 1914.

Brooking, John Henry Chilcote (1871-1962) Electrical engineer, sailed around the world in a windjammer, poet, short story writer, started the Kipling Society, the Henry Wood Proms Circle and a number of professional organizations.

Brooking, Sir Trevor (1948-) Soccer player, manager, TV commentator and director of football development. Played for West Ham 1967-84 in 636 matches, scoring 103 times, and for England 47 times scoring 5 times. President of the Brooking Society during its first 20 years.