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The Society has much information about the origins of the family. Our research includes the founding families arriving in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA as well as research of the UK origins of the family.

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The Brooking Society is a family history and genealogy society for all who are related to or are interested in the Brooking Family.

Our mission is to pursue research into Brooking and related families, including Brooking variants such as Brookin, Brookins, Brookens, Brookings, Brookling, Brooklyn, Bruckin etc. The results are published in the society's journal, "The Brooking Family Historian" which is mailed free three times a year to all subscribing members.       Read more…..

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The on-line colour version of the Historian is available to all our subscribing members.

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You can order binders to keep your Historians safe,  and also purchase significantly important booklets the Society has published.

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The Brooking Society considers itself amongst the leading groups in the use of DNA for Genealogy study.  The society has commissioned several Brooking DNA studies over the years.

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