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19 July 2024

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Click the image to enlargeThe map shows where the Brooking families first settled after emigration to New Zealand. Details of Brooking Families are recorded in Branches which represent the areas in England and elsewhere where Brooking families originated.  

The first letter of any chart or individuals reference Number indicates the Brooking Branch.

The New Zealand Company and Brookings

The New Zealand Company was formed in 1825 in England to profit from the systematic colonisation of New Zealand. It had little success until 1840 when it merged with the New Zealand Association which had been formed by Edward Gibbon Wakefield.

The New Zealand Company started its activities in the late 1830s with the first immigrants being settled in Nelson.  This was the start of the wave of immigration from England and to a much lesser extent Scandinavia.  Immigrants were a mixture of 'full fare' and Government assisted which were in the majority.  It interesting to note that Thomas Holdsworth Brooking was a director in the West Australia Company along with Wakefield in 1840. Was this association the reason for the early migration of Brooking families.

The first Brooking immigrants were John Whiddon Brooking and his brother William who arrived at New Plymouth in 1842 on the 'Timandra' accompanied by wives and family. They also were accompanied by their younger sister Alice. Also on board were the family of Elizabeth Bishop who had married John in 1841.  Large family groups became quite common.

The 'Timandra' was a ship chartered by the New Zealand Company. The New Zealand Company sent a number of ships that took immigrants to NZ.

To date 17 'Brooking'  individuals either alone or with family have been found to have immigrated to New Zealand in the period 1842  to 1955.

They are in date order:-

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