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Joining the Brooking Society?
Please choose the RED button and complete our contact and preferences form. This information is required to ensure we post your copy of The Brooking Historian to the correct address, and we comply with you data preferences.
Details of alternative methods of subscription payments are also given on the form page.
After you click submit, a new window will open giving you the opportunity to make an immediate subscription payment via Parish Chest, our online shopping cart provider. Membership payments via Parish Chest is our preferred method of payment.

Are you an existing member of the society?
Please choose the GREEN button and select the membership you require. We will then transfer you directly to Parish Chest, our online shopping cart provider for you to pay your subscriptions.

Lapsed Member?
Have you previously been a member but have taken a break and now wish to re-subscribe?
Please choose the RED and complete your contact details.
To comply with data protection regulations we no longer keep records of lapsed members.You will need to supply us with your current contact  details and preferences.

Still not sure or have a membership enquiry?
Our Society Secretary will always help you by email if you are unsure.

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