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11 December 2018

An important social aspect to the Brooking Society is that we are get together as an extended family  each year.

A reunion is held every year, in even years (e.g. 2014) a weekend long meeting is held in Devon, the heartland of the family or a location of significant interest.

At such meetings the programme includes visits to places of Brooking interest, talks on Brooking history and the local area, a dinner, and of course the official Annual General Meeting at which officers report to the membership and elections are held for the committee.

In odd years (e.g.2015) a one-day meeting is held usually outside Devon, this will also include talks and the A.G.M. We are fortunate in usually having overseas members present at our meetings, and ALL members are most welcome.

If you would like to join us this year then you will find information in the current Historian or if you are new to the society please write to our Membership Secretary.

The Brooking Family Reunions

Reunion locations by year